Good to be bilingual and best to be multilingual

Vedic Vidyalay encourages everyone to know more than just one language. In fact we encourage and have roadmap to make everyone learn at least their mother tounge, Hindi or Sanskrit apart from English.

Many parents have misconceptions that this will confuse the kids. In many researches it has been proven that know multiple languages makes brain sharper and adds in development of it. Here is link to an article in NYTimes about recent study you could search some yourself.

Another big misconception is that if someone can speak the language is good enough. We believe in complete mastery of language why settle at just speaking. Unless you can read and master it’s native script you do not really get full benefit of the language.

Many question Vedic Vidyalay being non profit why pushes hard to enroll everyone possible to their classes, we see this as a future full of possibilities lost to a child just because he does not enroll in time.

So why delay register today in our classes we have all kind of language and many medium (in-person, interactive through video conference).

Here are some more interesting articles on the subject:




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